Terms & Conditions

Current document apply for all plans. Notifications will be sent upon changes.

Terms of Use

Your use of RoundMapperĀ and its services is based upon your acceptance of the following Terms of Use. Please read these carefully.

General Description

General Terms

  • With RoundMapper service, based on your plan, you are eligible to search and map connections to a specific company of your choice.
  • RoundMapper does not guarantee that all paths will be optimal and yield investors
  • Each lookup result is preserved with all the company data, connections, routes and other complementing statistical information that a member can access in My Lookups menu.
  • RoundMapper analyzes data from CrunchBase, Angelist and LinkedIn public and licensed data. These databases change frequently thus each change will invalidate previous lookup results.
  • Each time a member looks up a new company within the same week (each week starts from Monday 02:00 GMT) causes a decrease in its weekly lookup quota if the looked up company had more investments than 5 and the lookup yielded at least one valid route.
  • RoundMapper guarantees that it searches through over 150 000 investors, 340 000 investment transactions, 1 500 000 co-investment transactions and over 1 200 000 investors and investees to deliver the most and possibly best fit for your needs
  • RoundMapper fundraising/investment plan depends on the filters and criterias set by the client, therefore the client must understand how those filters operate. This information can be found under the information menu.

Service Level Agreement

  • RoundMapper guarantees a 0-24, 99.9% uptime
  • RoundMapper is entitle to provide it’s services through a distributed content delivery network (CDN)
  • RoundMapper limits the size of the processible edges in 20 000, hence ensures the maximum wait time to deliver a route list for a lookup request within maximum 180 seconds.
  • RoundMapper accepts support, bug and feature requests through it’s contact page. Every contact attempt will be reacted within 8 hours.

Paid Use

  • RoundMapper offers multiple membership levels on a monthly recurring basis. Each month, RoundMapper will charge your account based on the gateway provider (direct payment or PayPal) you have selected
  • In case of failure to charge, RoundMapper can cancel your membership
  • Membership level changes reset quotas
  • Membership level changes do not yield partial refunds
  • In case of failure to access RoundMapper for at least a day, you are entitled for a full refund in the given month
  • RoundMapper uses Paypal as the Payment Gateway.
  • No payment information (personal information, credit card / debit card number, account number) will be saved, other than the transaction ID. You need to refer to the transaction number in case of complaints or problems.

Conditions of Use

  • You must not use the RoundMapperĀ service for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.
  • You must not abuse RoundMapper query and processing services with automated queries
  • You must not access RoundMapper API with non-human interface
  • If you violate the Conditions of Use, we reserve the right to cancel our service provided to you.
  • Your use of the RoundMapper service does not grant you any copyright to the RoundMapper service and does not entitle you to the use of logos and other graphic elements of the RoundMapper service.
  • RoundMapper is not responsible for the content it processes. Each fundraising plan must be revised carefully and accordingly to the given case.

Modification of our Services

  • We improve and expand the RoundMapper service with new features on a constant basis. We reserve the right to suspend or to cancel the RoundMapper service completely.
  • Should we cancel a feature of the RoundMapper service, we will notify you within reasonable time if this is possible.

Data Management

  • We will not hand over your personal information to a third party. This information is only kept and used for internal purposes of the RoundMapper service.
  • Upon acceptance of these Terms of Use, you agree to receive e-mails from us for marketing purposes, related to the RoundMapper services.

Limitation of Liability

Upon acceptance of these Term of Use, you acknowledge that RoundMapper shall not be liable for user content, for features of the RoundMapper service and for the operation reliability of said features. Liability of RoundMapper will be limited to the extent permitted by law.

RoundMapper is in no way, shape or form liable for any unforeseen damage or loss incurred by you during your use of the RoundMapper service. RoundMapper will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages that may be incurred by you, however caused. This includes, but is not limited to, any loss of profits, goodwill, or business reputation; any loss of data; any cost of procurement of substitute goods or services; or any other intangible losses.

Should you use the RoundMapper service in the name of a company or organization, the respective company or organization agrees to and accepts our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Should you violate these Terms and Conditions of Use and RoundMapper does not take immediate legal action, that does not imply a relinquishment of RoundMapper rights.