Investor Benchmarking

Analyze investors by performance, connections and behaviour

RoundMapper is a business intelligence platform for finding investors with long term prospects

Next Round Performance

Discover how many days it takes for an investor to take your startup to the next series. The lower the number, the better the performance. Global averages are also available on the chart.

Investment activity

Discover how many times and in which round did an investor make an investment

Acquisition activity

Discover how many times and at what stage companies did an investor acquired

Round and ticket sizes

This chart shows the average round sizes the investor participated in and the actual ticket size of the investor. It also indicates global average. Note that the chart is logarithmic for better visualization.

Investment Industry Profile

Radar chart indicating the number of investments in companies with the given industries

Exit Success Chart

This chart shows the number of startups eventually exited when invested at the specific series by the given investor

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