Exit Aimed Investor Finding

Find investors with growth proof future

RoundMapper lets you find an investor with a proven track of future investment rounds. It organizes matching in growth track plans. Each plan explains future rounds, ticket sizes & investor relations based on co-investment history.

1. Example (3 mins)

Find a seed investor secured by an exit prospect

Goal: Find an investor for your startup, matching your industry – for example FinTech & aim to be acquired after Series C.

Expected result: RoundMapper will offer you not only investors but analyzes who invests after them, and eventually who acquires those startups. The results is presented using validated growth plans explaining why you should go to that specific investor. It also explains how your future investors will look and how should you present your long term fundraising plans

2. Example (2 mins)

find investor based on specific exit goal

Goal: Find best seed investors who were investing in projects acquired by IBM.

Expected result: RoundMapper will list every possible investor and corresponding plan that puts you on a growth track that will eventually lead to an acquisition by IBM. All investors in the plans know each other pairwise, did invest in startups with IBM. They trust each other and will invest after each other. Details will be displayed as well.

3. Example (3 mins)

Find growth investor based on past investors

Goal: Find an investor within a growth track for Series B round, based on current investors

Expected result: RoundMapper will analyze all possible scenarios where your current investors were active and shows every possible success outcomes and list all corresponding next round investors

4. Example (3 mins)

Multi-step planning

Goal: Find Series A investors for my Health startup followed by a Series B lead investor from health industry

Expected result: There will be precisely designed plans showing only plans that have success outcomes and fullfill the investor requirements on the round level as well

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