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SaaS for Investors, Accelerators, Incubators, Investment Advisors and Entrepreneurs who need to navigate their projects’ through the startup space. Roundmapper is the de-facto standard for investment mapping, graph search in investor networks, investor benchmarking and investment market discovery.

Graph search & Fundraising plans

Roundmappers deep search in business social graphs gives you all the answers and a solid plan. We can tell you which investor to go, why and what to tell them.

By digging in 1.5M fresh and historical investment records loaded from public M&A resources, Roundmapper recursively scans, validates and back-propagates every feasible fundraising paths from target acquirers back to seeds. You only need to select what company you want to target as an exit, and Roundmapper shows you all routes with VC rounds, so you will be able to select the best angel who will guarantee, that every round you plan will get funded and you will not fall in to the dead-end investor trap.

Every path is plotted on an interactive business social graph, so experts can best identify possible opportunities or pitfalls for planning funding rounds for given project using real-time visualization and filtering.

Once you have selected your optimal fundraising plan from seed to exit, you can export and view all detailed information of a given round, download it in a PDF format or share the plan with the colleagues.

Roundmapper works based on data. Investment plans that are offered are explained in detail and by using in-depth statistical analysis of every investor that is involved.


Every investor in your plan can be benchmarked to see if that investor is the right match for you.

Investment market trends & discovery

In case you have no clue of where to take your project regionally, investor and market discovery is the right tool for you.



  • Product owners: 1
  • Full-stack developers: 5
  • DevOps engineers: 2
  • Marketing & Communication professionals: 3
  • CEO & Sales: 1


Unlike conventional way of scaling, RoundMapper requires excessive amount of computing power that can be either scheduled for longer period and scaled up for dedicated clients. Therefore we have decided to build up our own private cloud infrastructure to ensure our speed and capacity will always be satisfactory for our clients.


2018 q2

  • Infrastructure optimalization
  • Data upgrades
  • Launch

2018 q3

  • New features including pre-pledging and interactive plan editing
  • Interactivity enhancements
  • Increase of data granularity

2018 q4

  • Round plan distribution amongst targeted investor
  • Market analytics exportability
  • Insigths notification
  • Mobile application presence